7 online marketing tips for startups

7 Online Marketing Tips for Startups

Online marketing is no easy task. When you are looking to start your own business, whether it is strictly online or a combination of a brick-and-mortar shop and online presence, if you want to have any success at all then you need to know how to market your business properly.

You could have the greatest website ever seen with all of the bells and whistles you need, but if you do not market your site in the right way, no one will ever know you even exist. You can find all types of marketing ideas from a wide variety of sources, but here are seven online marketing tips for startups that can help your business get the exposure and push it needs to be successful.

1. Listen to your Customers
It may sound just like common sense, but many new businesses do not heed to what their customers are looking for, and they suffer for it. You want to tailor your marketing strategy to just what it is that your client base is clamouring for so that you can be sure to build a core of customers to which you can begin to add. Online marketing gives you a chance to see what opportunities are out there for you to explore based on customer wants and needs.

2. Be Creative
There are millions of websites on the Internet, and even the most unusual niche market is going to have competing websites for customers. You want to do whatever it takes to make your site stand out among the crowd and get the attention of the right type of customer for your business. Use quality online marketing over quantity and innovation, so that your business name will stand out.

3. Use Social Media
It goes without saying that if you want to have any successful online marketing campaign for your startup, you need to make use of a variety of social media accounts to reach an audience. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others are all vital to your survival as a business. You can use social media as the perfect way to reach out to a growing network of potential customers that are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Online Marketing Tips

4. Start with Small Batch Campaigns
When you are just starting out, it might be best to begin your online marketing with some short test campaigns to see how they go and what type of reaction you get. Run an online marketing campaign for just two weeks instead of for months on end, and gauge success after that to give you a much better idea of the type of marketing that is working best for you.

5. Giveaways
A key to successful marketing today are giveaways. If you are just starting out, you want to develop some brand recognition for your product or service. Inexpensive freebies and giveaways are the perfect way for you to get positive word of mouth going and let customers see just what you have to offer, which will help you grow your core client base quickly.

6. Pay Attention to Existing Customers
Your existing and return customers are the heart of your business. You need to pay special attention to them to keep encouraging their loyalty. Focus on what they are buying, and what their needs are, and in that way, you can keep them loyal and let them help to spread the good word about your business. Positive word of mouth is your strongest marketing tool.

7. Have a Target
You need to have a target audience for your marketing strategy if you want to succeed. Know the exact products and services you have to provide and who might be looking for them the most can help you to focus your marketing content and strategy.

For startups, it is important to be persistent and understand that marketing takes time to develop to be effective. If you take some of these tips and approaches, you can give yourself the groundwork to develop a great business that can prosper for you for a long time to come.

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