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Newly arrived Jamaican immigrants on board the 'Empire Windrush' at Tilbury, on 22

Windrush Stories

The British Library’s new site, Windrush Stories, is now live:…
Why managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting: Choosing the Best Shared or Managed Provider

Shared hosting vs managed WordPress hosting what are the advantages, the disadvantages? Which are the cheapest and best options, read our guide to find out.
WordPress Website Best Practices

WordPress Website Best Practices 2018

Create any WordPress website imaginable! Our latest guide list the best WordPress website practices you can follow in 2018 to build a personal blog, a company site, a membership portal or a fully-fledged corporate e-commerce website. The possibilities are endless.
Profitable Keywords Research in 30 Minutes

Profitable Keywords Research in 30-Minutes – For Those That Just Don’t Have Time

Want to find some profitable keywords? Total run time 30 minutes maximum. Heck, you could even make some profit for that. Two searches per hour = $10 an hour. Not too shabby in Mumbai, Lagos or Manilla. Totally free, no paid tools whatsoever. Try it out.