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Buy Land in GhanaPaul Boakye Associates

Build Your Dream Home in Ghana

Buy Land in Ghana with confidence and ease. Get this litigation-free, registered double-plot for immediate development in the hills of South Aburi close to Accra. Stunning views. Quick sale.
Pimp You Blog Posts like a Marketing Pro

Pimp Your Blog Posts

Boss your blog posts like a corporate superstar with these useful article writing tips that will boost the readability, engagement, and conversion rates of your website content FAST.
Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chance Of Success

Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chances of Success

You have your great offer ready, you have the sales funnel, you have your payment gateway in place. Your ads are ready to be seen by your target audience. But all this will be in vain without a well-optimized landing page.
Top 10 Social Media Myths

The Top 10 Social Media Myths And Digital Marketing Best Practices that Could Actually Hurt Your Business

There are so many untrue social media myths surrounding digital marketing best practices that we thought we would gather the top ten of them here that may actually be hurting your business.