Buy Land in Ghana with Confidence & Ease

Want to buy land in Ghana? Purchase these two litigation-free registered plots for immediate development.

Situated less than one hour’s drive from Accra Central, the green and breezy hills of Adamorobe (also known as “South Aburi”) has long been a choice destination for local day-trippers, and expatriates who seek to buy land in Ghana or hang out in a relatively cool malaria-free part of town.

If you’ve never travelled from Accra along the Madina-Aburi Road toward Oyibi, or haven’t done so in recent years, you’ll be surprised at the amount of real estate development popping up along the route. By the time you’ve reached the fertile hills of Adamorobe, you may have already heard about a large estate company that has bought up large chunks of this green and pleasant land for a new gated housing development. The plans have been drawn, the roads demarcated, and land prices in and around the immediate vicinity have shot up as a result.

If you’re anything like me, however, you will want to avoid the conformity of gated community living, preferring instead to buy land in Ghana to create your mark on the virgin landscape. So, imagine for a moment fashioning your dream home in Ghana, strategically placed atop a hillside of splendid views, overlooking said gated community and the sprawling townships beyond.

The available parcel of land for sale is a registered, residential double-plot with full title and a 95-year lease, measuring approximately 100 x 161 square feet (0.37 acres), and situated less than a 60-minutes drive from Accra Central. The land is available with preliminary design plans for a large courtyard house on the site. These architectural drawings include layouts for a well-appointed master bedroom on the first floor, plus two secluded guest bedrooms below, each with a private courtyard garden and large glass windows that offer magnificent countryside views.

We aimed to create an enchanting courtyard house with a quiet hideaway feel, using pathways, fences, windows, walls and trees, so even guests could enjoy their rooms from their private garden space. We added into the mix a swimming pool, study, function rooms, gym, separate self-contained courthouse for staff, an office, meeting room, and plenty of sculptured garden areas. After several design attempts, it seemed perfect.

But creating your dream home is a very personal thing. Just as it was always the view that drew us to this place. We loved the panoramic sweep across the hills of Adamorobe with all the dusty township spread out below—while up in these hills a light cool breeze always makes you feel relaxed from the troubles of the day.

These days, however, it is an entirely new set of residents that are driving up land prices and building gleaming new properties along the horizon, seduced primarily by the area’s green surroundings and its proximity to metropolitan Accra.

There are very few places left in the world where you can buy a prime piece of real estate for $10,000 and the chance to build your dream home. But if you would like to own your little piece of paradise, hit the BUY NOW button below. Or send us a message if you have any questions or require further information. You can call us any time, too, for a chat.