facebook page is essential for your brand

A Facebook Page is a Brand Essential

For millions of us when we consider the Internet, Google is the very first website that comes to mind. But as a matter of fact, Facebook still has more traffic than the enormous search engine giant. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform is the place where people spend about 600 billion minutes every month online. As a result of this enormous traffic, your brand needs to be on Facebook, and you need to invest in a Facebook page.

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook, and counting (plus 500, 000 new members daily), you might have heard that every company, whether you’re small or large, ought to consider getting on the social network bus. But then, it is not just about the figures. One of the most efficient ways to use social media for business is by developing a Facebook page for your brand. Still doubtful whether Facebook is ideal for your business? How about five more reasons?

1. Enhanced Optimization
Both the preliminary Facebook page you create and everything that you publish on or link to that particular page can favourably impact your Optimization efforts. By crafting more content, there are more opportunities for online presence, increasing the probability that search engines will discover it.

2. Customer Acquisition
When people become fans of a brand’s Facebook page or leave comments there, they receive a notice published on the wall of their personal page — where their networks view it. This sharing usually boosts visibility while the viral aspect translates into new fans. Facebook pages can even be linked to other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram thereby expanding a brand’s reach.

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3. Interact With Your Customers
A Facebook page provides an efficient way to connect with your customers directly, offering them a real chance to build a relationship with your brand. Building relationships online not only help you to understand what your customers desire and require but also helps develop and maintain brand loyalty.

4. Gather Insights
Your Facebook page gives you an excellent (and completely free) tool referred to as Facebook Insights that can end up being your new companion. Incorporated in the Facebook admin interface, Facebook Insights provides you with a lot of details about your following, such as a demographic analysis (location, age, gender, etc.) and the things that interest them. Also, you can collect the results of survey questions, video and photo posts, as well as other data to discover more about the content fans of your Facebook page enjoy so that you can craft more of what works best.

5. Assess New Products and Services
While satisfied customers make the best advocates, have you thought about asking for their thoughts and opinions on new ideas? A Facebook page is ideal for this. You can ask relevant questions, post “R&D” photos and get responses, or even conduct a brief survey. You will not only discover some great new ideas, but you will also secure another chance to show your audience that you appreciate what they have to say and also have their best interests in mind.

Eventually, a branded Facebook page for your company is a great approach to extend your reach and maximise awareness of your brand online leading ultimately to more sales.

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