Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chance Of Success

Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chances of Success

You have your great offer ready, you have the sales funnel, you have your payment gateway in place. Your ads are ready to be seen by your target audience. But all this will be in vain if your landing page mistakes are killing your chances of success.

Now, it is time to really hone-in the message that your landing page conveys, the visitors will come, your ads will do their work, but will they run? Bounce? Or stay and enjoy the fireworks?

Here are some of the landing page mistakes that may be holding back those conversions.

Landing Page Mistakes: Slow Page Speed

Slow page speed is the singular most significant reason that visitors leave a page. Really!

Just a 3-second delay could lead to 50% of the hard fought for, hard paid for traffic to just up and leave.

That great offer, your awesome E-Book that will save your customers time and money and make you have a great Birthday present to yourself, does not mean anything if the site visitors have already left.

The first thing you should do before any A/B testing is:

  1. Test Your Page Speed at Google Pagespeed Insights Tool. See if you can get it any faster.
  2. Minify your code. What does this mean? Take away all the space between code for one. There are many, WordPress especially loads so many unnecessary scripts for use later. Make sure ANYTHING that is loaded above the fold is needed.
  3. Get those images resized and compressed to within an inch of their lives.
  4. Do NOT use redirects unless you have a very good reason.

Landing Page Mistakes: Not Using A Landing Page At All found that 44% of clicks are sent to a home page and not to a landing page at all.

The speed, optimisation and energy of a home page is completely different than a dedicated landing page.

Landing Page Mistakes: Too much noise

50% of landing pages have more than one offer on the same page.

Only 1/8th have no distraction at all. Without distractions (as we will show you later) conversions are up 100%, yes 100%. Now if you become one of that small number, you beat your competitors without even trying.

Landing Page Mistakes: Wrong Images For The Job

Most people use stock photos because they think they look professional and will help the feel of authority for your site, but guess what? They don’t work.

Visitors can smell them out. Studies show that the right image, one that tells a story or better still, shows a before and after, increase conversions by over 30%. That is no small margin.

Landing Page Mistakes: Boring CTA

“Submit”, “send”, “sign up”. These CTAs are so old, used and abused, that people can hardly see them anymore.

Try something more geared towards the product “I Want My Miracle Marketing PDF NOW” is much better and conveys a sense of urgency, plus a sense of it already belonging to the visitor.

Landing Page Mistakes: No Form Optimisation For Conversion

Another big moment where your visitors bail out on you is the form. The form is a big ugly thorn for many users. They are going to have to give their private data to a third party.

How about making it easier for them? Make the first fields non-threatening. If you are selling Articles & web content, ask the user what Niche they are in with a drop down. THEN load the more ‘threatening’ fields such as ‘Name’, ‘Email’ etc.

A visitor who has already executed an action no matter how small is more likely to stay and do more.

Landing Page Mistakes: Not Optimising For Mobile

Most users on the web now use mobile when searching. You can, of course, have your fancy graphics version for desktop users (perhaps the very same person when at the office or home).

But optimise that landing page for super speed on mobile, and that squeeze page had better be responsive. OR you are cooked.

Landing Page Mistakes: ONE CTA For All

Here I am talking about adding your office phone number.

Don’t you want to talk to your customers? Get them to ring you and half your battle is won.

Landing Page Mistakes: Having A Navigation Bar

Hubspot’s studies found that conversions increased by a quarter if you delete Navigation and Footer links from your page.

Why? Well at the very least it is one less distraction from your essential message. It also allows them no rabbit hole to run down, forgetting why they even came to your site in the first place.

Landing Page Mistakes: Undefined Headings

“What can you do for me?” Should be your number one priority.

Tell them that and also, why should they care? What do you expect from them?

What do they receive from all this?

Landing Page Mistakes: Text Overload

Text is boring when presented in paragraph after paragraph. Get to the point quickly. K*I*S*S

Learn to say in bullet points and headlines what you once said before in paragraphs.

Landing Page Mistakes: Red Light Spells Danger

For example? Don’t mention the Spam word at all. I know it seems like you are trying to allay fears of being bombarded with spam, but actually, they may not even have been thinking about that until you pointed it out.

Remember Gill in the Simpsons selling rustproofing for the college computers he had just successfully sold? “These (computer name) will rust up on you like *that*….”

Mentioning ‘spam’ or anything else negative is a similar red flag to the user experience.

Landing Page Mistakes: Testimonials That Are Too Good To Believe.

You have seen them, the overreaching, super optimised; keyword stuffed testimonials from some bloke or other.

Do you believe them? No, and neither will YOUR visitors.

Real people from real companies (you have some somewhere, don’t you?) persuade users so much more than those stock Wp Theme style images of ‘CEO + business meeting’.

Quality does not have to be great, but just, good enough. The fact that they are real people and speaking in sentences that normal people actually use will win them over.

Can you think of any other landing page mistakes? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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