Funding a Controversial BME MSM Public Health Campaign

BME MSM Funding - Terrence Higgins Trust

We work with and support a range of NGOs and charitable organisations. The Terrence Higgins Trust is a leading authority in fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS which disproportionately affects African and Caribbean communities in Britain. We were asked to make a case for BME MSM funding using our content creation expertise.

The Problem

Terrence Higgins Trust has no provision that meets the specific needs of black gay and bisexual men. THT is well positioned, however, to play a sector leadership role in addressing the disproportionate burden that HIV represents among this demographic. The charity is also well poised to bring together various stakeholders and high-profile decision makers to help create strategies that can enhance the lives of BME MSM communities in Britain. How could the organisation kick-start a formal process within THT of finding solutions to better address HIV among this demographic?