Premiere UK Black Lifestyle Magazine

DRUM UK Lifestyle Magazine

The Problem

Market research shows that Black Britain want an authentic UK lifestyle magazine specifically designed for them. There is no provision for this target audience within UK publishing, and our new DRUM lifestyle magazine seeks to fill this gap. But how to get shelf space in the many newsagents and major retailers who effectively control magazine distribution across the United Kingdom

The Solution

With our content marketing strategy, DRUM Magazine took its inspiration and ethos from the well-known 1950’s South African publication of the same name. The new UK lifestyle magazine had Paul Boakye as editor and Sylvester Stein as its publisher (and also a former editor of the South African publication during its most influential years). Together they hatch a plan to coop Richard Branson’s approval and get DRUM onto the shelves of Virgin Megastores.

The Benefit

The plan works. WH Smiths and other major retailers follow Branson’s lead. DRUM offers its niche audience an alternative to the stale format of mainstream lifestyle titles with 116 pages of brilliant editorial each issue. Up-to-the-minute fashion shot by the DRUM team, articles by Gary Young, Bonnie Greer, Darcus Howe, Hattie Collins and many others filled the pages of DRUM with their insight.

The publication attracts major sponsors and advertisers with a circulation of 25,000 (65% Newsstand / 35% Subscription). Target readership: ABC1 adults 22-45 core age range (70% Male and 30% Female). Retail cost: £2.95 with a total audience of 87,500 (3.5 readers per copy). Given the cross-cultural nature of modern Britain, all groups purchase DRUM Magazine.