Mitsubishi Motors as Status Symbol

Mitsubishi Ghana

We met the official distributors of Mitsubishi Motors in Ghana in 2011. Their luxury #MitsubishiGhana automobile brand would soon become our first furrow into the minds of African consumers with our new Mitsubishi advertising campaigns.

Our CEO Paul Boakye was not much of a car enthusiast then. He was still wedded to a vintage Land Rover Defender II until we all became reacquainted with The Pajero from Mitsubishi Motors.

All the big men in Ghana drove a Mitsubishi Pajero from Mitsubishi Motors. Or anyone who was anyone aspired to drive a Mitsubishi Pajero from Mitsubishi Motors.

The tough but boxy-looking 4×4 had become a real status symbol in Ghanaian society. “Pajero” was the word for a four-wheel drive in 1980/90s Ghana just as “Hoover” had become a generic term for the vacuum cleaner in America years before. We had just hit on our first BIG IDEA!

Fast forward to February 2017, and with car sales on the rise for the third year in a row, and Mitsubishi Ghana is still the best-performing region of all the African counties in which our client sells Mitsubishi Motors.

We’d like to think that we are in some small part responsible. We are here to help our clients succeed.

Our marketing strategy was threefold:

  • Build Brand Loyalty – the official Mitsubishi dealership in Ghana
  • Engage an Online Army – apply insights to marketing plan
  • Drive Showroom Sales – produce compelling advertising campaigns