Profitable Keywords Research in 30 Minutes

Profitable Keywords Research in 30-Minutes – For Those That Just Don’t Have Time

Want to find some profitable keywords? Total run time 30 minutes maximum. Heck, you could even make some profit for that. Two searches per hour = $10 an hour. Not too shabby in Mumbai, Lagos or Manilla. Totally free, no paid tools whatsoever.

You ready to take a challenge?

Try it along with us for a bit of fun and maybe you will find a keyword that is low in competition and high in volume. Do they exist? Yes, they do. While researching this post, we came across a Keyword related to toys that had 17k searches and only 19/100 (or 0.19 at Ubersuggest) difficulty. There were only blogs, no big names at all.

Will we share it? Er … no, but you too will find some real gems with this FAST, profitable keywords hack.

Not only all the above but we will also have site structure and a full list of FAQ headings. All in under 30 minutes. What?

Setting up our imaginary site.

Let us say that our imaginary site is blog based and targeting the niche “Blockchain”. Let us see how many keywords we can find. Long tail, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and Related are all fair game today.

Hammer Time.

Get a stopwatch of some kind, get your lovely clean, fresh excel sheet ready. Let us fill it up with some keywords. How about we aim for 50? Don’t believe us? You will.

The Final Countdown

OK, start that stopwatch. No more song title puns I promise.

The first step to profitable keywords: Google of course

Start with the place where you are hopefully going to rank high: Google.

Google is THE keyword research tool. It may not be as simple to find the terms as it once was, with a lot less LSI keywords returned now, but Google sure knows what terms people are searching for.

Head on over to a fresh or wherever your target audience is at. Use a private window, so that it does not just return the keywords you have already searched for.

Let’s begin by typing “Blockchain” and not pressing enter. Wait a moment and then keywords appear, these are LSI related searches done by others.

Profitable Keywords Research in 30-Minutes

Now paste those keywords you found back in and see the next related Keywords, long tail and blog post ideas.

We saw that a beginner’s guide to ‘blockchain technology’ goes down well with Google. It ranked a blog post ‘Number 1’ (Hallelujah) So, guess what? That will be our first blog post.

Blog category keyword research

While we are at Google, let’s go deeper. Don’t look at the clock, we have plenty of time.

Since we are an imaginary blog with imaginary posts, let us then imagine that we would like to set up our categories to rank on their own merit. Come on, don’t worry, we have loads of time.

So we saw above that a post from for a beginner’s guide to ‘blockchain technology’ was ranked number 1, so let’s see how they structure their categories. They call their categories ‘guides’ so add this to Google and let’s see their category names Search for ‘’. You do not need to copy all of them exactly, but you know that they are already trusted by Google, so why not be ‘influenced’ by them?

Also, this may seem obvious, but “” is also a great source of wonderful ideas for blog posts that Google already ranks and loves.

Google Keyword Planner

OK, so now you have a big bunch of profitable keywords, and you want to know search volumes? There are not many truly ‘FREE’ tools anymore; most are just limited trials. So you have a choice of either Adwords or Ubersuggest if you have zero budget.

For a paid search with tons of useful data, there is only MOZ. But then we are here to do our search for free.

Most used questions in search

We don’t just want a bunch of data with no relevance so let us see how real searchers are using our keywords.

People search as people, not as bots so how about most searched questions? These make great topics for your blog posts. Head over to AnswerThePublic, and you will see the questions that have already been asked several times. Will, When, How, Which, Who, Are etc. all show great opportunities.

Now, go back to Adwords or MOZ and see which of those are the most searched for. Now you can use them as your FAQ. Excellent.
Of course, there are a huge amount of long tail keywords there at your disposal.

Stop The Clock

24 minutes. Time left to make a cup of tea.

How long did you take and how many profitable keywords did you get so far? Over 100? Well done.

Not only do you have a multitude of profitable keywords, but you also have profitable categories for your blog and you also have sound titles for your FAQs.

How many profitable keywords can you find in your niche in under 30 minutes? Try it out. Let us know your times below.

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