Newly arrived Jamaican immigrants on board the 'Empire Windrush' at Tilbury, on 22

Windrush Stories

The British Library’s new site, Windrush Stories, is now live:

Here’s a direct link to a short story contribution by Paul Boakye:

The site brings together a rich mix of voices and perspectives to explore the experiences and struggles of Caribbean migrants in the mid-20th century within a larger narrative, and how they and their descendants have shaped British society and culture. It looks at the evolution of black British literature, art and music, focusing on subjects from calypso and sound systems to the works of John Agard, James Berry, Beryl Gilroy and Andrea Levy. It features discussions of activism and employment, discrimination and identity, colonialism and slavery. And it examines the Windrush generation scandal through three pieces by David Lammy, Amelia Gentleman and an interview with Judy Griffith.

Windrush London
London Bus Station in Fog, October 1960.

Additional contributors include Andrea Levy, Hannah Lowe, Floella Benjamin, Colin Prescod, Susheila Nasta, Harry Goulbourne, Hakim Adi, Heidi Safia Mirza and Maria del Pilar Kaladeen. The site features an extraordinary repository of collection material encompassing literary drafts, photographs, posters and notebooks, some of which feature in the current British Library exhibition, Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land, alongside films from the Out of Bounds Poetry Project and a new film created in partnership with the Caribbean Social Forum and Chocolate Films.

We hope you enjoy the site and our contributions to it, and if you’re able, please do share the links. Don’t forget to check out our content creation and copywriting services, too, to see if we can help at all with your next project!

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